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Hello, i'm whitney

I'm a wife, a mom to three boys and many cats! I grew up in the midwest with five siblings and lots of adventures. I was homeschooled my whole life, which I claim gives me my sense of imagination. My grandpa gave me my first DSLR when I was seventeen and I self-taught myself how to use it, then I learned the awesome ways of photoshop and I haven't stopped this love for photography since. My goal at each session is to make it fun, easy-going and create a memory you can cherish forever. We'll play around, maybe jump in the water and definitely laugh!

Our Philosophy

capturing magic in life

"Whitney, your photos are like magic" I was told by a client once and I couldn't have been more smitten with that comment. If you asked anyone that knows me, they would tell you I live in a fantasy world of vintage things and magical thoughts. So when I take a photo, I'm adding in a little of my sparkle to give you magic to hold onto forever.

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“Photography is the story I fail to put into words”