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My name is Whitney, I'm a wife, mother to three boys and four cats (yes, I'm that lady). I've lived in Naples since high school and love being able to use the beach at sunset to create a dreamy backdrop for my clients. I have two other "homes" that I visit at least once a year, those homes are Wisconsin where I was mainly raised and North Carolina, because mountains are my soul. I'm a giant geek and a vintage queen. 

I have been into photography pretty much my entire life. I started photographing my sister when I was 13 and she was still a toddler. I would dress her up and create a scene from my huge imagination (I still dress her up and photograph her) Now I get to photograph magical scenes as a full time job, the magic of the first kisses from a new husband & wife, to the laughter of your child giggling while being tickled. My goal when you hire me is to capture YOU and create a memory you can hold onto forever. 

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